Random Quote
"Shane, you know that it was you, right? When I said that 'you broke my heart'. I was talking about you."

- Jenny in episode 6x02

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This site was created by DarknessDescends (DD) as a part of darkness-descends.net. I do not own The L Word or its characters and no copyright infringement is intended. No profit is made from this site.

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About the name

There were several reasons why I decided to name the site "All those words we never say".

  1. Jenny and Shane talk about everything, except of course one small insignificant thing - how they really feel about each other.
  2. At the fanfic part of this site, that's exactly what people are writing about. The words they never say.
  3. Shenny fans are usually quiet people. We don't run around and make all this noise about how Shenny belong together and bug people about it constantly like most other shippers seem to do all the time. Well, here we can yell all we want, because this place is ours and ours alone.

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